The Master Theorem

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A Book of Puzzles, Intrigue, and Wit

Dubbed "Mensa's evil twin" by The New York Times, The Master Theorem is a beautifully illustrated puzzle book with the vibe of a secret society. It captivates the curious with one-of-a-kind riddles, logic puzzles, and brain teasers.




Made in
the USA

Enthralling, escape room-like puzzles

Stretch your brain as M guides you to become an expert in codes, ciphers, and the mysteries of the universe.

Who is M?
Genius gift idea for all ages

Perfect for those who love riddles, logic puzzles, or brain teasers. Everyone from Esquire to Parade to Scary Mommy agrees.

Hints and solutions online

Never get (too) stumped. Find hints and check solutions online, or ask the community for help in TMT's forums.

Get a Hint

How it works

1. Read M's ramblings

To the left of each puzzle, M briefly discusses an interesting topic that also drops helpful clues.

2. Decipher the puzzle

There's no single way to solve M's puzzles, but solutions are always a word or phrase.

3. Get hints

Each puzzle has 3 hints (encoded for secrecy) and a full solution in the back of the book.

4. Expand your mind

Solve it all and become an expert in codes, ciphers, and the mysteries of the universe.

What's in the book?

41 beautifully designed puzzles plus a gorgeous cover perfect for the coffee table

5 extra training puzzles that teach common decoding techniques

3 hints per puzzle in the back of the book, encoded for secrecy

224 pages, including full solutions that explain how to solve each puzzle

A note from M, TMT's mysterious author

I'm M, or at least that's how I'm known, and I'll be your guide.

I founded The Master Theorem long ago, as a secret society at my beloved alma mater. With cryptic invitations slipped under the doors of my first recruits, I wanted to do the same things that every mystery-shrouded founder of a secret society wants to do: cultivate bright young minds, spark forward-thinking debate, take over the world—you know.

At its core, The Master Theorem creates solvers.

Our members from across the globe tackle the mysteries of the universe with their wits and wiles. They study the problems of the world and seek to make them right. Occasionally they get distracted and build pumpkin-slinging catapults. But for the most part, they’re focused on solving some of the biggest challenges known to humankind.

It was always our intention to operate in the shadows, but now more than ever the world is in dire need of solvers—and my impeccable leadership of course.

I’m therefore expanding my search for those who have the motivation—and the ability—to change the world. The Master Theorem remains a members-only society, but consider these puzzle books the cryptic invitation slipped under your door.

The Herculean test of your grit is as follows: Find the word or phrase solution to each one of my puzzles, called Theorems. Doing so will earn you entry into our elite ranks. It may take you some time, but trust me—it’ll be worth it.

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