Woodland Soiree

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A Hidden Message Jigsaw Puzzle

Come for the forest festival, stay for the secret, sizzling serenade. Assembling this stunningly detailed world of musical critters may inspire you to break out in song. But before the sun sets on your puzzling fun, can you solve the hidden message?




Stunning, custom artwork

Escape into the amazingly detailed world of forest festivities. Expertly illustrated by Marija Tiurina.

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Premium quality jigsaw puzzle

Precision-cut jigsaw pieces with a satisfying snap. Thick, durable poster beautiful enough to frame.

Online hints for message decoding

Extensive hints online to help you solve the hidden message. Solution checker and full explanation too.

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Screen-free family fun

Engaging analog activity. Kids as young as 10 can decode the message on their own, or tackle it together!

Rewarding, brainy challenge

Feel accomplished after assembling the Where's Waldo-style jigsaw, or keep the fun going by solving the secret message hidden within.

Made in collaboration with M

Based on one of M's most beloved puzzles from The Master Theorem. Sure to be a puzzling hit.

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How it works

1. Assemble the jigsaw puzzle

Piece together the scene to see what Riley and Zip have gotten themselves into.

2. Focus on what’s changed

Some areas of the jigsaw will be different from what’s on the poster. Take note!

3. Decode Riley’s message

Break out your secret agent skills to uncover the word or phrase answer.

4. Get hints and solutions online

Head online to get hints from Zip or read Riley's full explanation.

Tips and tricks from Zip

Once you assemble the jigsaw puzzle, you'll need to decode Riley's message! But Zip's here to help! On the postcard in the box, Zip drops some useful tips to get you started. Here's the gist.

1. Note what you’re looking for Riley’s message to Mother Earth will be a word or phrase. But it won’t be in plain sight—you’ll have to do something clever to get to it.

2. Note what’s going on Where Riley and Zip are and what they're doing hints at how you should decode. Riley and her woodland critters are musicians, so they aren’t going to be sending their message via maritime flag signals.

3. Think of letters as numbers Riley’s a unique thinker—her brain often interchanges numbers with letters. So think of A as 1, B as 2, Z as 26, and vice versa. Which means you can also do math with letters! For example, A + D is E and 10 - 3 is G and Y + 2 wraps around to A, and so on.

4. Use the internet You aren’t permanently connected to the entirety of human knowledge like Zip, so if you don’t know something, look it up! No judgement.

5. Get more help If you get stuck, don’t despair! Zip is available online 24/7 to provide detailed hints. You can also check if the answer you got is right, or read Riley's full explanation of the solution.

What's in the box

1,000 premium jigsaw puzzle pieces, about 28"x20" final puzzle size

A fun postcard from Riley explaining the story of the woodland soiree

Instructions from Zip including tips and tricks on decoding Riley's message

Full size poster with an image of the puzzle for easy reference when solving

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